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We help our clients visualize & present their designs, products and ideas using dynamic 3D modeling & visual storytelling.

Our Philosophy

Thinking in analog is understanding how to put things together in the real world. We feel this is essential to constructing authentic models and visuals in the digital world. Being a good listener and embracing collaboration helps us be good storytellers. Combining the two is where our studio finds its inspiration. Whether its the story of a new skyscraper, a home remodel or a new product idea, communicating its importance to others is what we love to do.

Our History

ADS was founded 2009 by Tyler Barnard after receiving his Masters in Architectural Design from The Barlett in London, England. With over 10-years of professional architecture experience and degrees in both art and architecture, Tyler created ADS to help others visualize their designs and pitch their vision thru 3d modeling and CG visual storytelling by overlapping the skills of video, animation, graphics and architecture.



Steve and Carly – Homeowners

“Working with a designer provided us with the certainty that the integrity of the design of our remodel would be upheld throughout the project. Our general contractor was great at building according to this design, but could have easily swayed from the plans to do what was most feasible. Working all together as a team, we were able to build some “unimaginable” pieces to our project with great success.”

The end result is a clean, modern, well built, smart living space that also feels like an incredible work of art.

Matt – Builder

“The benefits of 3D modeling can go beyond the presentation stages of a project as well. I could see the benefits including cost estimating, easier square foot pricing, and material takeoffs.
Analog studios provides excellent design work, project management, and with the inclusion of 3D modeling, gives both clients and contractors an excellent advantage to successfully complete projects.”

Planning the project from the very beginning to help make those finish decisions that need to flow smoothly so your project stays on track.

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