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Christi Turner publishes article on Analog Design Studio

News: Christi Turner of Boulder, a long time partner-writer for the Boulder Digital Arts, has recently published a piece on Analog Design Studio’s founder Design Principle Tyler Barnard.
 Many thanks to Christi Turner for the publication of such a well-rounded and well-received article.

The article can be found at Boulder Digital Art’s website under the Blog, or follow Check out the preview below:

“Barnard pushes the boundaries of the digital method, using video to create three-dimensional representations of his design ideas, a new and experimental take on the old model.

This is certainly part of Barnard’s competitive edge in the modern design business environment. It is also the hallmark of what industry analysts are calling “Generation Flux”: a generation of successful professionals who enjoy “recalibrating careers, business models, and assumptions,” who are comfortable with uncertainty, and driven to adapt and thrive in a changing market.

Barnard has created Analog Design Studio to market his unique approach to design, blurring the lines “between technology, art and space” while aiming for “simplicity, ingenuity and most of all authenticity”

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