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10-Steps to prepare yourself for a remodel project

by Victor1558

photograph taken by Victor1558

Gather your ideas.

Websites like and make it easy to create image boards of what inspires you, and the types of materials and finishes you might choose for your remodel. But even if the internet isn’t your thing, cutting out images from magazines or taking your own photos is a great way to show your design-build team what you’re envisioning.

Set your Budget.

Knowing how much you want to spend will ultimately help you make important decisions about the quality, size and scheduling of your project. Your budget should include everything you want the design team to be responsible for. Be realistic and most importantly inform yourself about the typical range of construction cost in your area.

Define a Timeline.

Think about how a construction project could affect your normal family routines. Be realistic and open with your design-build team so that we can help you plan solutions to adapt in a comfortable way. Ask the contractor to explain construction milestones that will happen to help you know if the project is moving along as planned and to quickly understand when its not.

Become a Master Communicator.

Every home remodel takes a team of qualified professionals to make creative things happen and the most successful teams owe their success to strong communication. Be sure to determine who will be the “spokesperson” for your family so that nothing can fall through the cracks. This will help keep things from getting off track and keep the team vested in your project.

Get excited!

Your project means more than just moving a set of walls: there is real emotion behind your need to solve a spatial problem. Share your feelings! The more your design-build team can feel your passion and excitement for the project the more they will be engaged and invested into your overall vision.

Explore New Ideas.

We love that you have a vision and have certain designs and materials in mind. On the other hand, you’re investing in a great design-build team, so pick their brains for new ideas and trends. With that said, listen to your gut when it comes down to the final decisions.

Enjoy the Process.

Its not that often you get to reimagine the environment around you and put a team in place to execute it, so don’t forget to enjoy the process.

Take Notes.

Hindsight is 20/20, so make use of it by documenting the decisions you and your team make along the way. It will avoid the blame game and help you remember who you talked to about certain changes.


Use the power of the internet to educate yourself and to find out things like the latest construction materials and cost. Present them to your design-build team and have a discussion on whether or not they’ve used them and if it might be a good fit for your project.

Find professionals that listen.

At the end of the day you’re the one that has to live with the results. Make sure your ideas aren’t pushed aside for someone else’s design agenda or the latest trendy materials. See that everyone on your selected team understands your vision as well as you do.

If you’re interested in building a design-team that will listen to your needs, we would love to hear your design vision: contact us

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