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We help our clients visualize & present their designs, products and ideas using dynamic 3D modeling & visual storytelling.

Goodbye Analog Design Studio
January 05th, 2015 Over seven great years have passed since the start of Analog Design Studio. The work we’ve created and the clients we’ve grown to know has been exceptional. With the closing of Analog Design Studio, I am embarking on a new exciting journey that wouldn’t be possible without the experience and designs of the past seven years.
Do You Dream in 3D?
In designing your next remodel, how important is it that your designer, architect or interior designer bring your vision to life in 3D? One hurdle of the design process has always been communicating and understanding traditional two-dimensional drawings and how they translate to the final product, your home. Here are a few benefits of seeing your vision in 3D…so you can decide whether it’s an important qualifier for your design ...
10-Steps to prepare yourself for a remodel project
by Abhisek Sarda photograph taken by Victor1558 Gather your ideas. Websites like and make it easy to create image boards of what inspires you, and the types of materials and finishes you might choose for your remodel. But even if the internet isn’t your thing, cutting out images from magazines or taking your own photos is a great way to show your design-build team what you’re envisioning.
Christi Turner publishes article on Analog Design Studio
News: Christi Turner of Boulder, a long time partner-writer for the Boulder Digital Arts, has recently published a piece on Analog Design Studio’s founder Design Principle Tyler Barnard.
 Many thanks to Christi Turner for the publication of such a well-rounded and well-received article. The article can be found at Boulder Digital Art’s website under the Blog, or follow
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