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We help our clients visualize & present their designs, products and ideas using dynamic 3D modeling & visual storytelling.


What is your companies design philosophy?
Less is more. Our philosophy is simple; empowering others to visualize and manifest change in their environment with a focus on simplicity, ingenuity and authenticity.

Do you have experience with the building type and size of my project?
Will you share with me a portfolio of similar projects and provide a list of client references?
What sets your firm apart from other design firms with similar experience?

Who from the firm will I be dealing with on a regular basis? Is this the person who will design my project?


Are you interested enough in this project to make it a priority?
What means will you use to collect information about my needs, goals, etc.?
How will you help me to fully understand the scope and sequence of the project? Will you utilize models, drawings, or computer animation?


What are the steps in the design process, and how are they organized?

What criteria will be used to establish priorities and make design decisions?
What do you expect me to provide?

What role do you have during construction? Am I expected to work with the contractor directly?


Do you have experience with “green” or sustainable design?

Do you regularly integrate low or no cost sustainable design strategies into projects?
Considering the many areas that may be affected by sustainable design, how will you determine which options to pursue?
If sustainable design technologies are implemented, do upfront costs exist that may affect the construction budget? What are the expected payback times?


How do you establish fees?

What is included in your basic services and what services would incur additional fees?

What is included in your basic services and what services would incur additional fees?
If the scope of the project changes later in the project, will there be additional fees? How will these fees be justified? How will this be communicated to me?

What is your track record with completing a project within the original budget?


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