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We help our clients visualize & present their designs, products and ideas using dynamic 3D modeling & visual storytelling.

> Six Simple Steps To [re]envision Your Home

LISTENWe listen to your ideas and needs

Our number one goal in every project is to make sure the final product was what our clients envisioned. We feel the only way this can be accomplished is to listen to your vision and needs right from the start

VIRTUAL MAPPINGWe take some hipster photos and measure your home

Before we can help make your vision a reality we need to get some basic information about your space, and depending on the size of your redesign, possible zoning information. This helps us to make a create more accurate decisions in the design process.

DATA INPUTWe create a copy of your space in our fancy computers

After we have all the information we can acquire we create a 3d model of your space with a level of detail necessary to accurately work with your redesign

REDESIGNWe team up on your vision in Virtual Reality

We meet with you as a team to push and pull your around in Virtual 3D space on our computers. We can meet on-site or in our offices with your redesign on our large projectors.

RENDERCreate slick realistic images of your future space

If requested, we use CGI to “turn on the lights” in the 3D model and see exactly how your redesign will look with light and shadows on realistic materials. We can even put your dog in the picture!

IMAGESPrinting off those slick images

Once you’re happy with your redesign, we print images of your re.nvisioned space for you to communicate your vision to others.

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